It gets brighter and slightly harsh in the top frequencies. The powerboost finally has its own page! The BD2 has buffers which makes the Sun Face sound thin and harsh. Only tried a colorsound reissue and an Prescription Electronic RX overdriver. The neck pickup is a NoCaster from the same company. Combined with my T-rex Reptile and a Hardwire Leslie simulator admittedly not the best, but still I found myself getting a very credible Shine on sound in a matter of minutes.

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ThroBak Overdrive Boost review

Gets a bit too saturated on humbuckers for my taste. Here are some of my favourites:. Plus, I happen to think the ODB has a great overdrive tone and find the germanium side is great for some Zep and Beatles tunes too.

Thanks for all the work you do. Nice review, are you gonna review the new 18V Colorsound Power Boost reissue, too?

Colorsound Overdriver Clones

June 10, at PE Rx Overdriver is very nice indeed. Is there a better clone out there than the throback that completely nails the original?

I always love the info on the colorsound and clones. It supposed to be the same as the boost with the option for more distortion. Lots of gain and a nice compression.


Com is FREE germaniuk everyone to enjoy. Another new Overdriver clone is from Uncle Ernie’s Effects. Thanks for your support! No fees or member’s areas. But to me, the Fuzz Face just nails it. Obviously, it depends on your amp settings and pickups but other Powerbooster clones like the Electronic Orange Bananaboost and Vick Audio Overdriver has a lot more gain.

Colorsound Power Boost |

I have recently built a Colorsound PB according to the original specs and at first I was really impressed. Bjorn, you seem to have a good relationship with TC electronics.

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The GT can deliver some nice Tube Driver-ish tones. GrapOct 26, The cleaner the amp, the less effect the pedal will have. Boost, overdrive or fuzz? November 11, at 1: The Power Boost, Tube Driver and other similar pedals are pre-amps and they interact with your pickups, playing technique and amp. It offered a wide range of tones and soon became a favourite among guitarists like Jeff Beck and David Gilmour.


The Marketplace for Musicians |

The Blues Driver and TDX are more modern, with a more linear break up and are much more overdrives than boosters. The legendary Colorsound Power Boost has always been one of my favourite pedals. For example, run it at the end of the signal chain into a ElectroHarmonix 44 Magnum power amp, right into a cab. I doubt my neighbours heard anything at all.

Pink Floyd perforing Have a Cigar at the L. Both sound great although the reissue definetelyt has more Mojo.

I wonder how I can use them for Gilmour tone. There has been many reissues over the years, with different features including 9V or 18V powering, leds overdriveer master volume control. May 21, at 7: I would love a video guide on how to properly use the Buffalo Power Booster.